Rallyhood, LIVESTRONG, And Dell Children's Medical Center Select Card Designs During Childhood Cancer Awareness

October 7, 2015

(Austin, TX ) –During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, Rallyhood, LIVESTRONG, Seton and Dell Children’s worked together to rally people of all ages to create unique card designs benefitting children fighting cancer. Rallyhood is giving inspirational cards to young fighters at Austin area hospitals featuring submitted artwork which were chosen by representatives of partner organizations.

“Rallyhood wanted to create #KidCancerCards for people to take action by creating a card that one of our partners could give to a child with cancer, while raising money for programs at LIVESTRONG and Dell Children’s Medical Center that help kids with cancer,” Rallyhood CEO Patti Rogers said. “It’s a campaign completely aligned with our mission to inspire people to come together and support the organizations, causes and people they care about.”

Rallyhood received more than sixty designs from nine countries. Dell Children’s Medical Center will be using 33 images for print and online cards; LIVESTRONG chose 16 designs.

About Rallyhood

Rallyhood is a web and mobile platform that helps people better organize around a person, event, or any common cause. By enabling beautifully designed and well-organized group experiences, we help mission-driven organizations around the world and improve the lives of millions who support them.

Founded by a cancer survivor who was inspired by the power of community yet burdened by the fragmentation of tools, Rallyhood blends the best of social with the best of productivity tools to allow a group to be more effective in how they communicate, coordinate, and share. Rallyhood empowers purpose-driven groups of all sizes from small mutual interest groups to national non-profit organizations and hospital networks. Rallyhood is based in Austin, Texas.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Robenalt / Porter Novelli at (512) 241-2240 or (512) 653-9656.