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22 Top Women Founders in Austin Share Insights on Entrepreneurship

September 13, 2016

Patti Rogers

Founder, CEO - Rallyhood, Inc.

My Advice: You have to know your "why" and keep it front and center, always. If you are doing something you believe in and are inspired by, then you will have the courage and grit that are absolutely necessary to keep going when things are hard. And when you are building something great, it always gets hard. Keep moving forward - push through the failure, the doubt, the naysayers - and fearlessly chase your vision. Never give up!


Rallyhood CEO to Speak at 'Greater than Cancer'

August 25, 2016

AUSTIN, Texas (Aug. 25, 2016) - GuideWell Innovation is collaborating with the American Cancer Society in an effort to improve cancer survivorship through a unique immersion program - GuideWell Introduces Greater than Cancer: The Other Side, powered by the American Cancer Society. Patti Rogers, Rallyhood Founder and CEO, will share her personal journey with breast cancer that inspired her to build an online platform that eases the management of a patient's healthcare journey. The event will take place in Orlando, Fla., Aug. 25 - 26.

Approximately 40 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetimes, according to the National Cancer Institute. Their survivorship journeys begin the moment they receive their diagnosis, and it is a journey filled with complexities, obstacles and conflict. The goal of Greater than Cancer is to tackle four critical areas that cause many of those challenges and explore potential opportunities to improve the experience for patients. Those four areas include:

  • The patient and caregiver...

Rallyhood Named 2016 Seton Healthcare Innovation Winner

Company Honored For Its Platform That Engages Patient Communities

Austin, TX (May 2, 2016) – Rallyhood, a community collaboration platform that organizes, connects and engages patient communities, was selected by the Seton Healthcare Family, a member of Ascension, as a winner of its 10th annual Healthcare Innovation Awards. More than 85 companies from across the country applied for the awards which were announced April 27th at Seton’s The Future of Care: Innovation Luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel.

“We are delighted to be chosen by Seton Healthcare as one of their Innovator of the Year winners,” said Patti Rogers, CEO of Rallyhood. “Engaging communities around the patient’s healthcare journey can have a game-changing impact on a person’s health and recovery. Studies show that strong social support has been proven to improve outcomes and adherence because most of the patient’s journey happens in their everyday life, outside the walls of the healthcare facility. Rallyhood helps providers ensure...


Healthcare Leaders Discuss Mobilizing Patients’ Caring Networks for Long-term Health Benefits at SXSW

March 8, 2016

Rallyhood and Seton Medical Center Austin Pilot Innovative Program for Patient Engagement

With advances in medical care, many patients believe their recovery time should be equally miraculous. Studies show that less than half of U.S. patients follow their prescribed medications and treatment plan, which ends up costing the healthcare system about $300 billion a year. Seton Medical Center Austin, a member of Ascension Texas, and Rallyhood, an enterprise social software company, are piloting a high-tech, high touch solution to address this situation.

Because data strongly suggest that social support networks can increase medical adherence by more than 66 percent, Seton and Rallyhood are using a healthcare technology platform to support this connection. This program will mobilize a patient’s personal community to aide in the recovery of the patient.

At SXSW Interactive, Kate Henderson, president, Seton Medical Center Austin, and Patti Rogers, founder and CEO of Rallyhood, will discuss how technology can harness the power of mobile communities to...


Rallyhood, LIVESTRONG, And Dell Children's Medical Center Select Card Designs During Childhood Cancer Awareness

October 7, 2015

(Austin, TX ) –During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, Rallyhood, LIVESTRONG, Seton and Dell Children’s worked together to rally people of all ages to create unique card designs benefitting children fighting cancer. Rallyhood is giving inspirational cards to young fighters at Austin area hospitals featuring submitted artwork which were chosen by representatives of partner organizations.

“Rallyhood wanted to create #KidCancerCards for people to take action by creating a card that one of our partners could give to a child with cancer, while raising money for programs at LIVESTRONG and Dell Children’s Medical Center that help kids with cancer,” Rallyhood CEO Patti Rogers said. “It’s a campaign completely aligned with our mission to inspire people to come together and support the organizations, causes and people they care about.”

Rallyhood received more than sixty designs from nine countries. Dell Children’s Medical Center will be using 33 images for print and online cards; LIVESTRONG chose 16 designs.


Rallyhood Partners With LIVESTRONG Foundation to Mobilize Social Support for Survivors

August 19, 2014

Rallyhood a web-based collaboration platform that enables action-oriented communities, has announced a new partnership with the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Through Rallyhood, the Foundation will empower survivors, caregivers and their communities to organize social, emotional and practical support throughout their cancer journey. “LIVESTRONG Rally” will be offered as a free service through and available as part of LIVESTRONG’s cancer navigation resources that reach more than 300,000 people annually. Read Full Release.


Rallyhood App Makes it Easy to Do Good Things

Drive The District - April 8, 2014

Anyone who’s tried to organize a community 5K, fundraising benefit or even a simple birthday party knows that a thousand things can go wrong between idea and execution. Missed emails, dropped calls, competing schedules and a general lack of synergistic enthusiasm can interrupt even the best-laid plans. That’s why Austin-based social entrepreneur Patti Rogers formed Rallyhood, an online platform intent on helping people work with one another to do good things without a fuss. Read Full Article


Austin CEO Builds Company Out of Experience with Cancer

Techzette - February 3, 2014

When Rallyhood CEO Patti Rogers and I finished our interview in the startup’s airy offices in downtown Austin, she got up and did something no CEO I’ve interviewed has done before: she gave me a hug. This is the genuine feeling of support Rallyhood hopes to instill in its users. Rogers has a presence warm enough to make anyone feel comfortable around her. At 46-years-old, her vitality is electric and her optimism is almost unbelievably genuine. Being around Rogers for five minutes alone, it’s clear how she was able to use otherwise life-altering circumstances to extract a positive result. Read More.


The 24 Coolest Small Businesses In Austin

November 12, 2013

What it is: A website that offers one central place for volunteer groups to get organized online. Why it's cool: Started in the spring of 2012, Rallyhood is already being used by organizations like the Susan B. Komen foundation, the Girl Scouts of Texas, and Habitat for Humanity in Austin. It works to make it easier to run and organize large groups, and to create a better experience for them.

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A Reason to Rally

Austin Woman - August 2013

Every superhero has an origin story. On October 31, 2008, Patti Rogers was Batgirl, the powerfully autonomous defender of justice known as one of the most brilliant heroes of the DC Comics pantheon of characters. Fearless and known for her particularly stellar computer skills, Batgirl seemed an obvious choice for Rogers. Her husband Michael, a tech entrepreneur in the software space, was going to be Batman. And as Austin’s unofficial mascots and protectors, bat culture would be well-represented by the power couple known to have contributed handily to Austin’s burgeoning entrepreneurial landscape. - Read More.


Rallyhood Completes $3.2M Series A Round of Funding

Austin Business Journal - July 8, 2013

Online scheduling tool Rallyhood Inc. has completed a $3.2 million Series A round of financing. The Austin-based company raised an additional $1.7 million to the $1.5 million it reported receiving in August 2012. The new capital will be used to grow its adoption with organizations such as schools, scouts, health care providers and nonprofits, executives disclosed Monday. Rallyhood, which launched in 2010, employs 12 workers. It previously received a $750,000 seed funding from angel investors, company officials said. In 2011, the company reported collecting $500,000 from eight investors. Read More.


Tech Startup Rallyhood Raises $1.7 Million

Texas Tech Pulse - July 8, 2013

Austin-based Rallyhood, the developer of web and mobile apps to help group communicate with their members, said this morning that it has added $1.7M more in its Series A funding, bringing the company's total raised to $3.2M. According to Rallyhood, the new funding will go to grow users, expand partnerships, and improve product usability. Rallyhood, which is headed by Patti Rogers, develops apps which help groups manage their communications, calendar, events, and more. Read More.


Event Organization Platform Rallyhood Raises $1.7M

Vator News - July 8, 2013

Organizing events is hard. That’s why I don’t do it. You know why it’s hard? Because you spend so much time carefully crafting the agenda, getting the location pinned down, figuring out what to serve for refreshments, and then you send out a mass email to everyone telling them where to go and what to do—and then you get that one asshole who doesn’t RSVP or hit “reply all” to your emails. I’m that asshole.

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The 20 Most Innovative Businesses In Austin

Business Insider - Feb. 27, 2013

Based in Austin, found online. What it is: A website that offers one central place for volunteer groups to get organized online.Why it's innovative: Started in the spring of 2012, Rallyhood is already being used by organizations like the Susan B. Komen foundation, the Girl Scouts of Texas, and Habitat for Humanity in Austin. It works to make it easier to run and organize large groups, and to create a better experience for them. Founder and CEO Patti Rogers created it after seeing her own community rally around her after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Read More.


Rallyhood Seeks to Simplify Your Online Life

Silicon Hills - February 14, 2013

Quick, how many tools do you use to stay in touch and on top of your schedule? Think Facebook, Google Plus, Base Camp, Dropbox, Survey Monkey, Doodle and email, email, email, email, email. Most of us have to go to at least half a dozen sites to keep track of our lives. Rallyhood wants to make it just one:Rallyhood. “We have all these different ways to keep track of the projects at work and our kids’ soccer teams and the boards we’re on and the second grade class activities. It’s in all these different silos. But that’s not how we live our lives,” says Rallyhood Read Full Article.