Janet was disabled, suffering from chronic emphysema, aging and thousands of miles away from her family. She relied heavily on her church to maintain independence and ensure that her basic needs were taken care of.

While they did their best to help her whenever they could, she still struggled with basic day-to-day needs. Getting groceries, paying bills, and housecleaning were close to impossible, and she didn’t want to be a burden on those who generously offered her support. She had to choose between independence and her most basic needs. She felt trapped.

Janet’s story is far from unique. In fact, about half of all adults in the U.S., about 117 million individuals, suffer from at least one chronic health condition and need assistance of some kind. With aging and chronic demographic shifts, this rate continues to climb, creating a serious cost burden for the family and the healthcare system. 86% of all U.S. health care costs can be attributed to delivering care for individuals with one or more chronic medical condition.

To compound the issue, the numbers in...


The Rallyhood Development team released version 4.1 of our social collaboration platform a couple weeks ago. Among the many enhancements to the product in this release was making the user experience on mobile devices more intuitive and easier to navigate than ever.

It was another reminder that there is no down time when it comes to being innovative. Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don’t do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.” The same is true of software innovation, especially in a startup. It’s an all the time thing.

Years ago, software development was a very different animal. It took many months – even years – to release an update to the customer base. Months would be spent writing code, doing QA, rewriting code and then putting it into beta environments. The cycle was so long that by the time the product was ready, the needs of the end customer had often changed.

Not so in today’s agile development environment. Teams are able to rapidly develop new software features and...


Last week gave the Rallyhood team a couple of opportunities to celebrate.

First, Rallyhood received a Seton Healthcare Innovation award. This is the 10th year that Seton has recognized companies who are innovators in healthcare and every year, more and more companies participate for the honor. This year, 85 companies from around the country participated and three others - Patient IO, Unaliwear and VSee – along with Rallyhood, received awards.

As a startup, we work relentlessly every day to build our business and make a positive impact with our product. No doubt, every one of those 85 companies is trying to do the same thing. And every organization looks for that validation - whether through user feedback, customer adoption or organic growth – that they are in fact making a difference. It’s...


In a space designed by world-renowned architects and filled with C-suite executives from a Fortune 50 company, only the occasional swallow and shift in chair broke what seemed to be almost a unified flow of breath as we listened to 31-year old Mike “Mikey” Thompson’s story of how human interactions and people rallying around him have kept him alive. Since the age of 10, Mikey has battled cancer four times – enduring over 75 surgeries, two bone marrow transplants, facial reconstruction and countless blood transfusions. At one point, Mikey explained that he was ready to quit. He had no more fight, but his community did. His people were not ready to let him give up. They rallied behind him, giving him hope and strength and kept him fighting.


Five days and about 30,000 attendees later, SXSW Interactive came to a close this Tuesday. Once again, it was a remarkable showcase for all kinds of technology, from virtual reality to new apps to driverless cars. It brought to town some heavy hitters in the tech space as well as the President and the First Lady, who both called upon the tech industry to help solve the nation’s problems.

One of the nation’s biggest issues continues to be healthcare – how to reduce costs, improve the overall quality of care and help people live healthier, happier lives. The SXSW Health and MedTech track tackled many of these challenges and gave attendees a look into the future of healthcare. Topics included everything from online health services to big data to wearable devices. Rallyhood hosted a panel on Saturday, March 12, 2016, in partnership Seton Healthcare, which focused on patient communities and how they affect the continuum of care – showing just how far the industry has come.

Our panelists Rallyhood CEO and Founder Patti Rogers and Seton Medical Center Austin President Kate...


Last week, I attended the Conference on Volunteering and Service hosted by Points of Light. Let me tell you, there is nothing more inspiring than to see change makers come together from across sectors, regions, roles and causes to learn from each other, collaborate and make a difference.

The dynamic world of volunteerism and service continues to evolve, and it was exciting to be surrounded with the country’s leaders in this arena to learn about their cutting-edge strategies for creating positive change. As I attended workshops, listened to engaging panels and caught up with new and old friends, a couple of themes emerged for me throughout the week:

· Prioritization of capacity-building – I heard countless corporate leaders discuss their commitments to support and fund capacity-building efforts as their organizations seek to sustain and scale initiatives. As anyone knows who has worked at a nonprofit organization, program outcomes are impossible without fundamental organizational support, and this prioritization of capacity-building from funders...


We had the pleasure of sitting down with 13-year-old Grayson Denby, a young and talented adolescent who was inspired to donate cards to our #KidCancerCard campaign. This campaign united artists globally to donate their creative talent for children battling cancer as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Grayson’s drawing of a “rainbow unicorn kitty” was a favorite among our judges and has been selected to be featured on the LIVESTRONG and Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas’ online card platforms.

Grayson’s love for drawing started when she was 11 and has continued to grow ever since. After seeing the Kid Cancer Card advertisement in August’s issue of Austin Monthly magazine, Grayson decided to submit numerous cards hoping to brightening the day of a child with cancer. Grayson explained that watching her mom’s friend battle ovarian cancer inspired her to participate in the campaign.

When she’s not drawing, Grayson spends time swimming, sailing and acting. She enjoys giving art as gifts and is currently working on a drawing of a dog for a family...


September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know?

· Last year, over 10,000 children were diagnosed with cancer that’s about 29 kids every day.

· Every day about 4 kids under age 15 will die of cancer.

· The vast majority of kids who do survive will suffer long-term side effects.

· Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death (following accidents) in children ages 5 – 14.

As a community, how may we come together and take action to support families, caregivers, charities, and research and change the future for the next generation of children diagnosed with cancer?

Here’s what you can do this September to make a difference in the lives of kids with cancer:


Back to School: Get your sanity back by starting your own Rally!

It’s t-minus one week until school starts, and I’m already overwhelmed with schedules, meet and greets, school supplies and school attire. To add to the complexity, I have three children in three different schools!

I am a working mom who has enlisted the help of babysitters to support us through the years, so communication is critical for all parties involved. As a parent, I need to ensure that my support system knows exact pick-up dates and times, homework assignments, gear to pack for practices and any other essential information. I worry about receiving a call that one of my kids was not picked up from school or an afterschool activity. In addition, the challenge of compiling all this information in an email or Excel spreadsheet is not easy either. Dates always change and trying to keep track of a spreadsheet just makes me want to cry.

So this year I decided to use Rallyhood to help me organize all key calendar dates, pick ups and supplies in one...


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and we want your help in spreading a little joy in the life of a survivor. Every September, our nation joins together to raise awareness for this deadly disease.

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Rallyhood is giving inspirational cards to young fighters at Austin area hospitals—and we want to feature YOUR artwork. We are searching for artists to help design uplifting, inspirational cards that will spread a little joy in the life of a survivor.


In February of 2013, Brandi found a lump in her right breast. After a mammogram and ultrasound guided biopsy she underwent a lumpectomy– the mass was much larger than they had hoped. Over the next six months Brandi lost her hair, eyebrows and eye lashes. She went through chemo, radiation and a bilateral mastectomy as well as two additional surgeries after that. And she couldn’t have made it to the other side with her wife, Tonia.


Are you getting too many emails in your inbox? Well, if you are a part of multiple Rallies, you can choose to merge each Rally Daily Digest into one email.


1. Click on the Dropdown menu button in your top navigation bar**, and then select your Profile button.

**(You do not have to be on your Dashboard to see this top Navigation Bar. If you are logged into Rallyhood, you should see this navigation on any page.)


As we near this holiday season, Rallyhood would like to take a moment to wish you Happy Holidays!

May your days be stuffed with peace, cheer, delicious meals, and the ones you love. Magical things happen when we come together.


Today is #GivingTuesday.

It’s a new tradition of generosity. It’s a simple idea, and I love it.

Give freely. Give big and small. Give wide and deep. It’s not just about the dollar. It’s about the showing up with a smile. To lead with your heart. To find a way to make someone’s day. To see the people in your life… really see them. People you see everyday at the office, the bus stop, the coffee shop, your school, or the gym. Wherever your are, take notice, acknowledge, honor, compliment, help, smile, hold the door, listen, hug.

Today’s not about writing a check to get your logo placed in the program, or to get your name on a plaque. It’s about giving generously because it makes the world a better place. We are more powerful than we think. The small acts of kindness have a ripple effect of good. So go ahead and make some waves today.


At Rallyhood, we are incredibly blessed to do meaningful work that is impacting our communities in the healthcare, nonprofit, school and member space (to name a few)!

On a daily basis, we find ourselves celebrating and giving thanks for the opportunity to be a part of a purpose driven team. To kick off the season of ‘Thanks’ we asked our team to share what they are grateful for about working here at Rallyhood.

Thanks for all you do everyday to make your community stronger and to make a difference in the world around you.

Rallyhood employees share what they are thankful this Thanksgiving

“I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to work for a company with the vision and desire to make a positive different in people’s lives. I realize our software is not going to cure cancer or end world hunger, but if it can help a patient get through their journey to recovery by facilitating the organization and communication of their support system, then Rallyhood will have had a positive effect on that person and in a small way have helped to...


Rallyhood and LIVESTRONG June Symposium : Patient-Centered Cancer Care

It was an honor to be a part of the LIVESTRONG’s Symposium last week. I’m so proud of LIVESTRONG for leading the conversation and challenging the Healthcare Community to find new innovations around patient-centeredness.

Rallyhood is excited to be partnering with LIVESTRONG to empower social support for patients, caregivers and families. Check out the video above for a quick recap of the June 2014 Symposium: Patient-Centered Cancer Care.


It’s been a busy month here at Rallyhood and we are excited to share our progress with you today. For all you jet-setters, we’ve made a bundle of tweaks to our iPhone app to make staying productive on-the-go even easier. These updates include:

Rally Friends:

  • See the date your Rally friends joined your Rally
  • View a list of Rallies in which friends participate on their profile pages (depending on their privacy settings)

Hi friends,

Every day is a good day. But today, I have a special reason to celebrate. Five years ago, April 28 2009, was my last day of chemo for breast cancer. And I’ve been told, one’s official survivorship birthday is marked by the last day of chemo. So woooohooooo!! I am now officially a 5-year survivor! (insert embarrassing white girl with overbite doing the running man dance)

This survivor birthday is interesting timing, because next week I am honored to speak at Genetech’s REV Forum 2014 Conference in Washington, D.C. about Empowered Patients. I firmly believe the source of my own empowerment was the people who showed up for me. While the medicine was all critical to kill the cancer, it was kindness and community that kept me alive and gave me the courage to rally through that journey.

I wanted to share a journal entry from 5 years ago, in celebration of the people who were there for me in big and small ways, and in celebration of all anyone who has ever reached out to support their own survivor. Your role is bigger than you think. We don’t do anything...


At Rallyhood, saving you time by making communication easier is a top priority. We know that managing group communication can be a difficult undertaking which is complicated even more when you’re managing multiple groups within the same Community. With Community Admin in mind, we’ve improved messaging by introducing Community News. Community Admin can access Community News in the navigation bar at the top of your Community-Hub homepage.


We just released a mini-update to our iPhone app that we think you’ll love. Among the tweaks we made, you’ll notice that your user profile has a brand new look. We rounded out the profile pics, centered your info, and gave it a sleeker “more iOS 7” look. There has never been a better time to upload or update that user pic!

Those of you that are part of a Community-Hub may have noticed your Community logo now shows up on your Rally-Sites. Soon, you’ll be able to tap on the logo to access your hub.


Hello Rallyhood 3.1! We have updated our app with fresh new features and an iOS7 makeover.


We’ve completely updated the look and feel of our iPhone app to make accessing information from your Rally-Sites and in-the-moment updates even easier. Now you can view Rally calendars, create events, sign up for items, and upload multiple photos at once! Yippee!

The new look includes swipe-to-reveal main navigation and an updated Rally view:


Latest Coverage

Amy Lynch over at Drive the District totally gets us.


Rallyhood is excited to announce that we have partnered with Stripe to offer a safe, secure, and easy way for you to collect payments right from your Rally-Site! Great for raising money for a friend in need, processing dues, or to cover costs of team gear.

Once you set up a Stripe account, you’ll be able to collect payments from any of your Rally Friends. Friends will be able to contribute directly on your Rally-Site using their debit or credit card and funds will be deposited into your bank account. Click here for more details.

Setting up an account is easy and only the person collecting the money needs an account.

How to set up your account:

After clicking “Connect with Stripe” on your Rally-Site’s Pay/Donate page, you’ll see this screen. Start by clicking “sign up” in the top right corner....


Since our beginning days here at Rallyhood, we’ve been passionate about school groups. We love working with schools to help streamline communication. We understand that getting everyone, from parents to teachers to administrators, on the same page can be a little daunting. Created with schools in mind, Rallyhood makes it easy. Here’s a deeper look in to all the ways Rallyhood is there for your school:


Download or upgrade to Version 2.1 for free today! It makes a great companion app to Easily access information from your Rally-Sites and get on-the-go updates.

App features include:

  • View My Reminders for today and this week
  • View My Calendar in month view
  • View and post messages from all your Rally-Sites with the ability to add comments
  • Use the “Send Now” feature to immediately send messages to everyone in your group
  • Share photos in any Rally-Site gallery (upload/download)
  • Location link to Google Maps included in Event Details
  • View and respond to Rally-Site invitations
  • Access My Profile and make changes including adding an additional email
  • Receive push notifications about new messages

Rally on!

Team Rallyhood


Well, we did it, we started a Rallyhood Pinterest account. It was with the pure intent to curate some great ideas that will help you make your busy life better. (Not to get caught in a black hole of really cute animal pics. Honestly.) We’re sacrificing a bit of our own productivity to scour the www and bring you all the relevant goodies we can.

We’re organizing our boards to be a true resource for you as you lead and participate in Rally-Sites. We’ll have recipe boards specific to snack responsibilities, drop off dinners, and weekday meals. We’ll have fun ideas for events, seasonal boards, and even a little glimpse into what we’re doing around the office.

We promise to categorize our pins appropriately, write our own descriptions, and never post a “keep calm and…” meme.

We would be honored if you follow us.


As we grow our team here at Rallyhood, we’re also defining our culture. We’re working on that official values statement every good company has, but in the meantime it’s inspiring to watch things rise up organically. We have an amazing group assembled, who use their passions to help us all move forward.

We’re making more effort now via social media to show off all of the wonderful people that make up our team and the amazing groups we have made it our mission to help. In a call out for content to cover, we received this from one of our concierge team members, Kelli…


We are excited to announce the launch of our newest product update! We appreciate all the support and feedback you have given - we take it to heart.

The new Dashboard features a greatly improved interface, allowing you to quickly move from your Reminders to your Rally-Sites, Community-Hubs, and now even your Invitations. Yay! After logging in, you’ll land directly on My Reminders, giving you a quick overview of your schedule for today and the week ahead.


I love being a part of a team.

To come together around a goal. A common purpose. To have a role in achieving something meaningful. It’s the good stuff in life. I’ll be honest, I am one of those people who cry at sporting events. Even if I’m watching 6-year olds play t-ball. And the Olympics. Oy!

It’s not just about the win that gives me chills. It’s knowing that the win or the loss came from a shared experience leading up to that—hours and hours of hard work, some low days, some high days, some tears, some jokes, and lots of raw-see-it-through commitment. I’m fascinated by the electricity between team members who exchange a silent nod, that says “You got this. We can do this. It’s all right now.” Even the athletes who compete in individual events rely so heavily on their team, their coach, their family. Do we ever really accomplish anything alone?

Of course, this inspiration isn’t restricted to competitive sports. Life is full of teams, whether we have a uniform or not. We team up to help a friend in need, to make our neighborhoods better, to bond with our...


Tech Startup Rallyhood Secures $1.3 Million in Series A Funding

Austin-based company harnesses capital to execute its customer acquisition strategy and advance its product vision

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rallyhood, an online and mobile app where groups come together to get things done, announces the closing of a $1.3 million round of funding. The financing was led by Tom Meredith, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Meritage Capital and former SVP and CFO at Dell,...


Nothing gets us more fired up at Rallyhood than launching new features, especially when we get to deliver features that our users have been requesting. We are so grateful for your feedback and we are happy to announce that “To-Do List” has officially changed to “SignUps.” All of your lists and items have carried over with the new name, but now you have even more capabilities when building, publishing and interacting with lists.


Hi Rally Friends! Here at Rallyhood we want to make sure everyone’s getting the most out of their Rallyhood experience. This is a quick tutorial we put together to illustrate the different features available in My Account from My Dashboard. To access these features, simply click the “My Account” tab from the Dashboard.


Meet the man who helps bring Rallyhood to life before our very eyes: Ivan Arango. Ivan is part of the Koombea Team in Barranquilla, Colombia who helped turn the dream of Rallyhood into a reality. He’s the lead designer for Rallyhood, so if you’re looking at something on the site, chances are he’s the one who created it. We got Ivan to take a little time out of his busy day to answer a few questions to let our users see a little bit more behind-the-scenes here at Team Rallyhood.


The wait is over - version 2 of the Rallyhood mobile app is here for all iPhone users! Thank you for all of your feedback. We’ve listened and added several new features to the app and fixed noted bugs. Your input means the world to us - please keep it coming. Send your feedback to In the meantime, enjoy the new features and let Rallyhood make your life even easier with on-the-go access to all of your Rally-Sites.

Here is a list of the new features:


Here at Rallyhood, we believe that supporting our loved ones can make all the difference in the world when they are faced with tough situations. And we’re no strangers to the havoc that illness can bring to our lives. Our founder, Patti Rogers, is a breast cancer survivor who was inspired to create Rallyhood after her community rallied around her and her family during treatment. She realized that supporting someone required a lot of work, and she wanted to find a way to make it easier and less time-consuming for people who want to help their neighbors, family and friends through difficult times.


Here at Rallyhood, we understand that running a Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop is hard, time-consuming work (we have former Scouts on our staff!). Wrangling paperwork, scheduling events, sending out reminders, coordinating fundraisers, distributing photos from the latest camp-out, and don’t forget those cookies and popcorn – what a time commitment for someone who already has a busy schedule! Rallyhood helps dedicated leaders spend a lot less time organizing so the kids can have a more fun, memorable experience.


At Rallyhood our office is never very quiet. And really, what’s better to get you in a productive mood than some awesome tunes? Unfortunately, taking the time to make a playlist doesn’t exactly help with the whole “productive” thing, so we went ahead and made one for you. Check it out!

Listen here on GrooveShark.


Here at Rallyhood, we’re always looking for ways to help make life easier. Memorial Day is over for another year, but we want to make sure the passion people have for helping our Servicemen and Servicewomen doesn’t fade like a day on the calendar. We can only imagine how hard it is being deployed and far away from family, friends and neighbors and the strain it puts on everyone involved. We’ve come up with a way to use Rallyhood that will help support our soldiers and their loved ones - start a love and support Rally to organize, collaborate, and share the effort to show Servicemen and Servicewomen (and their families!) our appreciation.


Come together and do something great.

My name is Patti Rogers and I’m the founder and CEO of Rallyhood.

In 2008, I endured the unexpected challenge and blessing of breast cancer. The challenges are too many and too unglamorous to write about here, but the blessings were also many and are much more uplifting to think about.

The biggest blessing was learning to let love in. The song goes, “All you need is love.” But the bugger of it is, most of us don’t know how to let it in when you need it most. It is difficult to ask for help and difficult to accept it when it comes. It was certainly that way for me and my husband. We didn’t want to bother anyone. We didn’t want to burden them with the blasted inconveniences of cancer; the fear it unveils for all of us. After all, fragility and mortality are just not the things that make for peppy coffee talk. “Hey, good coffee. What happened to your eyebrows?”


Need some help getting started with the site? Curious about some of your Rally’s features? Want to know how to manage your settings? Our new Help Center is here to assist with any aspect of Rallyhood you can think of!