Social Productivity for Schools

Since our beginning days here at Rallyhood, we’ve been passionate about school groups. We love working with schools to help streamline communication. We understand that getting everyone, from parents to teachers to administrators, on the same page can be a little daunting. Created with schools in mind, Rallyhood makes it easy. Here’s a deeper look in to all the ways Rallyhood is there for your school:


Streamlined communication in a private setting:

  • Easy to manage calendars sync with iCal, Google, or Outlook
  • Parents receive automatic reminders and updates
  • Store and share school documents and files
  • Post relevant teacher, school, and coach updates
  • Share photos and information privately
  • Easy sign-ups and RSVPs for conferences and volunteering
  • Collect money and donations

Here’s how it works:

A school creates a “Community-Hub” where each class, club, team, and committee has their own Rally-Site (private group website). Understanding how your community is organized is an important first step in preparing to build a Community-Hub. You will have the option to create categories to group like Rally-Sites on your page (shown below in white). Your community structure could look something like this:


Here is a look at a sample Community-Hub page:

Rally-Sites within your Community-Hub can be organized into categories for easy navigation (shown bottom left).


From the Community-Hub, school administration can post a message, event, or file to all, or multiple Rally-Sites to ensure consistent school wide messaging (without overloading parents with information that isn’t relevant to them).


The calendar allows you to post repeating and multiple events in one step.


Parents can push events or subscribe to iCal, Google, or Outlook calendar.


Here is a look at a sample classroom Rally-Site:

The home page gives you a brief look at the most recent activity within the Rally-Site, including related links, i.e.: school’s website, or educational sites.


Each Rally-Site features a calendar so teachers can post important updates about classroom activities, field trips, or upcoming tests. Teachers and room parents can also request RSVPs for classroom parties and special events.


The galley provides a place to privately share photos from field trips, parties, or classroom activities. It’s a great way to help parents feel connected.


The message wall allows teachers to post reminders, spelling words, or classroom updates. Parents can share learning tips and keep up to date on classroom activities.


Teachers can post documents and forms that parents will need to easily reference throughout the year (permission forms, class roster, learning materials). Documents can also be published school wide from the Community-Hub level!


Signups are a great place for teachers and room parents to organize parent/teacher conferences, post party supply lists, or have parents sign up to help in the class. Rally leaders can run reports on who is assigned to each task, then print it out so they can have a hard copy.


Rallyhood automatically tracks volunteer hours. Rally Friends is a place for leaders to see who is participating in the site and assign admin rights.


Finally, Rallyhood brings it all together on each user’s personalized Dashboard. Upon logging in to Rallyhood, parents will find quick access to all of their Rally-Sites.


On the Dashboard, “My Calendar” aggregates all events from all of that user’s Rally-Sites in one place. This is how it works:


Also users can click on My Reminders and view a consolidated list of what’s on the calendar that day.


Rallyhood sends user’s an automatic morning email with a combined list of all events on their calendar.


If there is any activity in a Rally-Site throughout the day, users will get one email update in the afternoon summarizing the past 24 hours.

Finally, Rallyhood is available on the go for iPhone and Android so users can access event detail and post photos anywhere.

For more information on how to organize your school, contact our school specialists at schools@rallyhood.com. We would love to help you get started!