New Prescription for Healthcare: Mobilizing Patient Communities

Five days and about 30,000 attendees later, SXSW Interactive came to a close this Tuesday. Once again, it was a remarkable showcase for all kinds of technology, from virtual reality to new apps to driverless cars. It brought to town some heavy hitters in the tech space as well as the President and the First Lady, who both called upon the tech industry to help solve the nation’s problems.

One of the nation’s biggest issues continues to be healthcare – how to reduce costs, improve the overall quality of care and help people live healthier, happier lives. The SXSW Health and MedTech track tackled many of these challenges and gave attendees a look into the future of healthcare. Topics included everything from online health services to big data to wearable devices. Rallyhood hosted a panel on Saturday, March 12, 2016, in partnership Seton Healthcare, which focused on patient communities and how they affect the continuum of care – showing just how far the industry has come.

Our panelists Rallyhood CEO and Founder Patti Rogers and Seton Medical Center Austin President Kate Henderson noted how healthcare has lagged others in the adoption of new technologies and embracing consumers where they live through access points like social media.

But, that is changing rapidly. Not only is technology giving consumers more choices in how they manage their health, it’s also giving them better options for diagnoses and treatment when they become ill. Healthcare providers are now recognizing that the consumer is the center of their universe – before, during and after they enter the system. Engaging with their patients is a commitment that extends well beyond the four walls of their facilities.

As healthcare organizations use technology to adapt to the needs of their consumers, more and more tech companies will recognize the opportunity. And while many of these technologies may not be as hyped as virtual reality glasses or cars that drive themselves, the impact on our society will be no less profound.