Last week gave the Rallyhood team a couple of opportunities to celebrate.

First, Rallyhood received a Seton Healthcare Innovation award. This is the 10th year that Seton has recognized companies who are innovators in healthcare and every year, more and more companies participate for the honor.http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/05/prweb13383995.htm This year, 85 companies from around the country participated and three others - Patient IO, Unaliwear and VSee – along with Rallyhood, received awards.

As a startup, we work relentlessly every day to build our business and make a positive impact with our product. No doubt, every one of those 85 companies is trying to do the same thing. And every organization looks for that validation - whether through user feedback, customer adoption or organic growth – that they are in fact making a difference. It’s extremely gratifying to get this kind of recognition from leaders in the healthcare and technology industries. It was our team whose brainpower, backbone and elbow grease got us to where we are now and as a team, we celebrated.

Last week also marked a major milestone for our company’s founder. April 28th was the seventh anniversary of Patti Rogers being free of breast cancer.Her journey with cancer was the reason Rallyhood was started in the first place and it seemed only fitting that these two events happened within a day of each other.

Rallyhood was started because she recognized the significant impact of bringing friends, family and healthcare professionals together. And that power of community is helping thousands of people every day because Patti recognized what it did for her while facing a life-threatening health crisis.

As she later said, “The victory was more than a sense of completion or freedom from all the physical misery. It was a triumph for my soul. What could have destroyed my family, soured my faith, sabotaged my smile, or hijacked my sense of humor—did not. I am well. Cancer did not bury me. It planted me. From here I will grow!”

And so will we, Patti. So will we.