Back to School

Back to School: Get your sanity back by starting your own Rally!

It’s t-minus one week until school starts, and I’m already overwhelmed with schedules, meet and greets, school supplies and school attire. To add to the complexity, I have three children in three different schools!

I am a working mom who has enlisted the help of babysitters to support us through the years, so communication is critical for all parties involved. As a parent, I need to ensure that my support system knows exact pick-up dates and times, homework assignments, gear to pack for practices and any other essential information. I worry about receiving a call that one of my kids was not picked up from school or an afterschool activity. In addition, the challenge of compiling all this information in an email or Excel spreadsheet is not easy either. Dates always change and trying to keep track of a spreadsheet just makes me want to cry.

So this year I decided to use Rallyhood to help me organize all key calendar dates, pick ups and supplies in one place. Rallyhood is a free platform and mobile application that allows you to set up a private or public place to get the family, sitter and support system all organized in one place.

For my Rally, I set it to private and invited our babysitter and husband. You can also upload a fun photo of the kids in the profile; I uploaded a photo from our summer vacation.

The next part was organizing the shared calendar with all the different school start dates, pick-up times, school addresses and afterschool activities. I was also able to add dates of school closings and student reviews, which of course are all different amongst the three kids!

I found it simple to utilize the shared calendar to populate the different times my daughters are being picked up. As you populate a calendar date, you have the option to color code for different activities. I didn’t get that fancy, but it was an easy as a click of a button. Now everyone included in my Rally can view the calendar from his or her desktop, notebook or mobile device.

Another great feature is that you can receive daily email reminders of what is happening on the calendar—in order to stay extra organized.

Organization is so critical for us busy moms, and when we are not organized this leads to stress, missed appointments, tardy children and a ballet outfit packed for soccer class. As my husband has said, “If mom is not happy, no one is happy.”

I hope this school year starts off on the right foot for you, and you’re able to spend time where it is most important. Good luck with back to school!