Our Mission is to create experiences that inspire people #DoGoodToday

Our Mission is to create experiences that inspire people #DoGoodToday

Our Mission

Our mission is to create beautiful, simple experiences that inspire people to do social good, take action, stay engaged, and show up for the groups, causes, and people they care about most.

Our Values

Living with Purpose

We believe that by living with intention, we can make a big difference in the world with our small or big daily actions.

Power of People/Teamwork

We believe that great things happen when we come together with our teams, clubs, classes, committees, friends, families, neighbors, coworkers and of course our favorite peeps.

Empowering Experiences

We believe in creating beautiful, simple and efficient experiences that allow all of us to spend time where it truly matters.

Listen & Learn

We believe in listening to our customers and users, and that with their insights we can quickly make changes for the better.


We believe in taking responsibility for making the right things happen, whether that’s creating superb user experience, making a client happy, or doing our part to create social good.

Every Day Is a Gift

We believe that each and every day deserves to be embraced, and that when we do so we make the greatest positive impact on the lives of others (and ourselves).


Our Story

  • Patti formed Rallyhood to be a community collaboration platform that transforms how people come together with purpose.

Patti Rogers created Rallyhood after she witnessed the power of community and kindness in her battle with breast cancer. Patti received an influx of love and support pouring in from friends, family, neighbors and parents that changed her life.

During her battle with cancer, Patti also witnessed the challenges of trying to organize a group and communicate when the tools are fragmented and hard to use. When she got well, Patti was inspired to build a platform for purpose-driven communities that made it easy to rally around a person, event or any common cause.


“We believe that every day is a gift. Each of us is capable of making a meaningful difference in the world, and that’s not always in the big ways… that’s in the small ways too. We want to make it easy for everyone to do just that.”

  • Patti Rogers, Founder, Rallyhood

Meet the Rallyhood Team

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