We’re on Pinterest!

Well, we did it, we started a Rallyhood Pinterest account. It was with the pure intent to curate some great ideas that will help you make your busy life better. (Not to get caught in a black hole of really cute animal pics. Honestly.) We’re sacrificing a bit of our own productivity to scour the www and bring you all the relevant goodies we can.

We’re organizing our boards to be a true resource for you as you lead and participate in Rally-Sites. We’ll have recipe boards specific to snack responsibilities, drop off dinners, and weekday meals. We’ll have fun ideas for events, seasonal boards, and even a little glimpse into what we’re doing around the office.

We promise to categorize our pins appropriately, write our own descriptions, and never post a “keep calm and…” meme.

We would be honored if you follow us.


And we would be even more honored if you let us know what kinds of boards you’d like us to tackle. Send your suggestions to feedback@rallyhood.com.