Using My Account in My Dashboard

Hi Rally Friends! Here at Rallyhood we want to make sure everyone’s getting the most out of their Rallyhood experience. This is a quick tutorial we put together to illustrate the different features available in My Account from My Dashboard. To access these features, simply click the “My Account” tab from the Dashboard.

Duplicate Single Rally-Site.png

Want to use an existing Rally-Site as a template for a new one? To duplicate a Rally-Site, follow these steps:

1. From My Dashboard, click on “My Account” in the grey Navigation Bar.

2. Under “Rallies I’m Leading,” find the Rally-Site that you want to duplicate.

3. Click on the “X2” button under “Actions” to the right of the Rally-Site that you want to duplicate. See image below.

4. The duplicated Rally-Site will appear below the original. You can rename it and change the status. Please note that when you rename it, the Rally-Site will move within the list of Rallies that you are leading as a result of alphabetical sorting.

5. To save it, click “Save” next to the duplicated Rally-Site.

Archive and Active Rally-Sites.png

Need to archive a Rally-site to be reactivated at a later date? This feature saves all the content in your Rally-Site, but makes it inaccessible to all of its members. When you reactivate the Rally-Site, all the information is immediately accessible again. Just follow these simple steps:

1. From My Dashboard, click on “My Account” in the grey Navigation Bar.

2. My Account is a complete list of all the Rally-Sites that you are leading and following, as well as any Community-Hubs that you may own.

3. To archive a Rally-Site, use the drop down menu under “Status” that appears to the right of the Rally-Site you wish to archive (see image below). You can change the state of the Rally-Site to “Archived” or “Active."

4. When a Rally-Site has been archived, the image will be greyed out and the name will turn from blue to grey.

5. To reactivate a Rally-Site, simply change the status back to "Active."

Other My Account features include:

All of the articles on My Account can be found here in the Help Center. And, as always, if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns we can be reached through email at support@rallyhood.com or on Twitter @RallyhoodHelp.