Quick Tip: How to merge your Daily Digest

Are you getting too many emails in your inbox? Well, if you are a part of multiple Rallies, you can choose to merge each Rally Daily Digest into one email.


1. Click on the Dropdown menu button in your top navigation bar**, and then select your Profile button.

**(You do not have to be on your Dashboard to see this top Navigation Bar. If you are logged into Rallyhood, you should see this navigation on any page.)


2. Once you are on the Profile Page, scroll down to your Settings box. Here you should see all of your Rallies in list form. Below your Rallies, you should see a “Merge Updates” dropdown option.


3. Click on the dropdown menu for “Merge Updates” and then select “Yes.” To save your edits, select the “Update Settings” button.

This will merge all of your Daily Digests into one email!

If you have any questions about this process, please email user support at support@rallyhood.com. We hope this helps you make your Rallyhood experience more enjoyable!