Our Passionate Peeps

As we grow our team here at Rallyhood, we’re also defining our culture. We’re working on that official values statement every good company has, but in the meantime it’s inspiring to watch things rise up organically. We have an amazing group assembled, who use their passions to help us all move forward.

We’re making more effort now via social media to show off all of the wonderful people that make up our team and the amazing groups we have made it our mission to help. In a call out for content to cover, we received this from one of our concierge team members, Kelli…

I know we’ve been asked to send you things we are passionate about or that touch us. I wanted to let you know that tomorrow (October 11, 2012) has been declared by the UN as the FIRST EVER “International Day of the Girl Child”. While there is International Women’s Day, they have created this day with a focus on the importance of educating girls around the world in the hopes that the empowerment of girls will lead to greater empowerment of women.

On a personal note, I’ve spent most of my life learning about different types of inequalities both internationally and domestically and it wasn’t until I had first hand experience with girls denied post-primary education that I really found my passion. They yearned for the opportunity to be taught ANYTHING, but the reality was even if they succeeded in continuing their education they would probably still end up in the home. While this can be an extreme situation and not the norm in the United States, every girl (or women) should at least have the choice to decide what she wants her life to be. Even in the US girls are being discriminated against by not only society but within their own families and more poignantly by other girls. I would love it if Rallyhood could make a note in recognition of International Day of the Girl via Facebook or Twitter, especially since we have such a strong focus on Girl Scouts who’s mission is to “build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place”. I’m a former Girl Scout and I remember my time learning everything from sewing to the customs of other cultures with my troop.