New iPhone App Features are Officially Live

Hello Rallyhood 3.1! We have updated our app with fresh new features and an iOS7 makeover.


Check out the highly anticipated Files feature- now you can view documents on-the-go. You can also edit your Rally-Site name and description and change your settings from private to public, whatever suits you best.


Traveling overseas? Not a problem! Change the timezone on your mobile profile screen to reflect whatever city you’re in, and set your daylight saving preference too. Finally, forget capping your repeat events, because with this release comes the choice to elect “Repeat Forever.”

Lastly, our updated app features a sidebar option to send an email to support, saving you time if you’re having issues.

Visit the app store to upgrade or install the app for free. After you’ve had time to enjoy the new features, please show your love by rating the app. If we’re not meeting your expectations, drop us a note to let us know at support@rallyhood.com.

Enjoy the app and rally on!