Memorial Day Reflections

Here at Rallyhood, we’re always looking for ways to help make life easier. Memorial Day is over for another year, but we want to make sure the passion people have for helping our Servicemen and Servicewomen doesn’t fade like a day on the calendar. We can only imagine how hard it is being deployed and far away from family, friends and neighbors and the strain it puts on everyone involved. We’ve come up with a way to use Rallyhood that will help support our soldiers and their loved ones - start a love and support Rally to organize, collaborate, and share the effort to show Servicemen and Servicewomen (and their families!) our appreciation.

Here’s an example of what one of these Rallies could look like:

There are numerous ways these Rallies can be used to help out, from creating care packages, to helping with the kids, to finding other ways to help make a difficult time just a little less hectic.

Thank the Servicemen and Servicewomen in your life by starting a Rally for them today!