Making Scouting Easier

Here at Rallyhood, we understand that running a Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop is hard, time-consuming work (we have former Scouts on our staff!). Wrangling paperwork, scheduling events, sending out reminders, coordinating fundraisers, distributing photos from the latest camp-out, and don’t forget those cookies and popcorn – what a time commitment for someone who already has a busy schedule! Rallyhood helps dedicated leaders spend a lot less time organizing so the kids can have a more fun, memorable experience.


Here are some great ways Rallyhood makes the scouting experience a much more efficient one:


The To-Do List is great for divvying up tasks and staying organized. It’s very easy to create lists, sign-up for items and assign them to other members of the Rally. This is a great way to organize other volunteers for things like snack duty and transportation.



The Calendar shows all upcoming events and To-Do items, like camp-outs, permission form deadlines and meetings. And don’t worry about having to plug all these dates into your personal calendar, because Rallyhood sends email reminders to everyone in the Rally the morning of each event or when their To-Do item is due.



Any Rally Friend can upload their own photos and download those posted by others in the Gallery. Sharing memories just got that much easier!


The days of looking for lost email attachments are over! All Rally members can upload or download files, like activity instruction sheets, permission slips or fundraiser information.

At Rallyhood, our former Scouts are very thankful for all the time and effort their parents committed to making their scouting experience one they would never forget. We want to pay it forward by helping the new generation of Scouts and their parents organize their Troops, because we know that great things happen when we come together. ;)

For more information about these Rallies, visit our Scouting landing page.