In It Together

I love being a part of a team.

To come together around a goal. A common purpose. To have a role in achieving something meaningful. It’s the good stuff in life. I’ll be honest, I am one of those people who cry at sporting events. Even if I’m watching 6-year olds play t-ball. And the Olympics. Oy!

It’s not just about the win that gives me chills. It’s knowing that the win or the loss came from a shared experience leading up to that—hours and hours of hard work, some low days, some high days, some tears, some jokes, and lots of raw-see-it-through commitment. I’m fascinated by the electricity between team members who exchange a silent nod, that says “You got this. We can do this. It’s all right now.” Even the athletes who compete in individual events rely so heavily on their team, their coach, their family. Do we ever really accomplish anything alone?

Of course, this inspiration isn’t restricted to competitive sports. Life is full of teams, whether we have a uniform or not. We team up to help a friend in need, to make our neighborhoods better, to bond with our co-workers, to watch our kids grow and learn, to live a more enjoyable life. These teams require just as much hard work and commitment to succeed.

We have an amazing team at Rallyhood. It includes the smart, passionate, caring people who get up and go to work at Rallyhood everyday; our awesome investors who have shown up to expand our resources with experience, network and know-how; and most of all it includes you, our users. You are a part of this experience of building something special that empowers groups, big and small, and makes busy lives better. We thank you for your feedback, ideas, insights, attaboys, and kicks in the rear. Keep ‘em coming. We are just getting started, but know that we are in it together.

Together we can and we will!

Go Team Rallyhood!


Founder and CEO