Hello iPhone App Update!

We just released a mini-update to our iPhone app that we think you’ll love. Among the tweaks we made, you’ll notice that your user profile has a brand new look. We rounded out the profile pics, centered your info, and gave it a sleeker “more iOS 7” look. There has never been a better time to upload or update that user pic!

Those of you that are part of a Community-Hub may have noticed your Community logo now shows up on your Rally-Sites. Soon, you’ll be able to tap on the logo to access your hub.

Finally, hyperlinks in Messages and Rally Friends connect with just a tap instead of a laborious copy and paste — this means that if someone includes a link in a message, you can tap on it in the app and it will open in a browser on your phone. It also means that in Rally Friends, if someone has opted to share their profile information in the Rally, you’ll be able to see that Rally Friend’s email address, tap on it, and it will open an email with their info pre-populated.

We hope you enjoy the updates, stay tuned for more soon!