Happy #GivingTuesday

Today is #GivingTuesday.

It’s a new tradition of generosity. It’s a simple idea, and I love it.

Give freely. Give big and small. Give wide and deep. It’s not just about the dollar. It’s about the showing up with a smile. To lead with your heart. To find a way to make someone’s day. To see the people in your life… really see them. People you see everyday at the office, the bus stop, the coffee shop, your school, or the gym. Wherever your are, take notice, acknowledge, honor, compliment, help, smile, hold the door, listen, hug.

Today’s not about writing a check to get your logo placed in the program, or to get your name on a plaque. It’s about giving generously because it makes the world a better place. We are more powerful than we think. The small acts of kindness have a ripple effect of good. So go ahead and make some waves today.