Customers share the incredible Power of Community during a Health Fight

In February of 2013, Brandi found a lump in her right breast. After a mammogram and ultrasound guided biopsy she underwent a lumpectomy– the mass was much larger than they had hoped. Over the next six months Brandi lost her hair, eyebrows and eye lashes. She went through chemo, radiation and a bilateral mastectomy as well as two additional surgeries after that. And she couldn’t have made it to the other side with her wife, Tonia.

“The communication of what was going on became more time consuming and more difficult as things progressed because there were a lot of things happening and changing,” Tonia said. “We were encouraged by a couple of people that we should set up some kind of a communication platform to so that I didn’t have to make a phone call to various people to communicate the same thing. Because frankly it’s pretty exhausting to tell that over and over again.”

And then there is Gary. He rallied courageously to help his wife Maureen—who he still calls the love of his life—battle breast cancer. Through this journey, her family was able to focus on being with this incredible wife, mother and architect until the genetics of love beat the genetics of cancer, and she passed from this world to the next.

“Although my rally is obviously about the love of my life, Maureen, my ultimate rally is love. I am convinced that if we each unleash our own love on the world, we can change everything, including cancer.”

Kate Henderson, President at Seton Medical Center Austin, strongly believes in the power of community as a vital resource to patient care.

“Community is such an important part of getting people the resources they need whether its food, transportation or just having someone to talk to.”

At Rallyhood we are witnessing daily the real time power of community and social support as family, friends, neighbors, co-workers rally around their loved ones during a health fight. The whirlwind of appointments, surgeries and medications have left the work of day to day life nearly impossible to manage. We need our people. We need to be able to communicate with loved ones, organize meals, provide group updates, share calendars, photos and video and keep all the treatment “to-dos” in order.

We are honored to share this customer video around the power of communities and how Rallyhood is allowing caregivers and patients to do what is most important: love and care for their loved ones.

Hear from Brandi, Gary, Kate and Tonia and let us know what you think.