Collect payments with Stripe!

Rallyhood is excited to announce that we have partnered with Stripe to offer a safe, secure, and easy way for you to collect payments right from your Rally-Site! Great for raising money for a friend in need, processing dues, or to cover costs of team gear.

Once you set up a Stripe account, you’ll be able to collect payments from any of your Rally Friends. Friends will be able to contribute directly on your Rally-Site using their debit or credit card and funds will be deposited into your bank account. Click here for more details.

Setting up an account is easy and only the person collecting the money needs an account.

How to set up your account:

After clicking “Connect with Stripe” on your Rally-Site’s Pay/Donate page, you’ll see this screen. Start by clicking “sign up” in the top right corner. This will open a form that you’ll have to fill out in its entirety (meaning, you may not leave anything blank).


Form Tips:

If your organization has a website, you can enter it here. If you don’t, you can paste the URL from your Rally-Site home page here.


Not a business? Choose “Individual” from the drop down menu and you won’t be required to enter a Tax ID.


You only need to enter the last 4 digits.


This information will be used on billing statements. If you don’t have an official business name, write something here that will help folks recognize the charge’s relation to the group.


You’ll find this information on the bottom of one of your checks, or on your checking account statement.


Click here to complete the registration process! You are now ready to accept payments or donations on your Rally-Site.

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