C'mon everyone, Sign UP!

Nothing gets us more fired up at Rallyhood than launching new features, especially when we get to deliver features that our users have been requesting. We are so grateful for your feedback and we are happy to announce that “To-Do List” has officially changed to “SignUps.” All of your lists and items have carried over with the new name, but now you have even more capabilities when building, publishing and interacting with lists.


Ever wish you could sign-up for the same item more than once? Now you can! After clicking “Sign Me Up” to volunteer for one spot, you can click “Edit Assignment” where you will have the option to sign-up for as many spots as you’d like of the same item. This comes in handy when, for example, your Rally needs 2 volunteers to bring an item, like a dozen cookies. You’ll have the oven on anyway, might as well bake all 2 dozen, right?


Another new feature we are thrilled to have launched is “Draft” mode for SignUp Lists. Now Rally Leaders and Admin can tinker with a list until it’s just right before publishing it for your Rally Friends to view. When creating a new list, instead of “Create,” you will click “Save as Draft.” Your new Draft will be saved on the left hand navigation list, and you’ll enjoy all the same editing capabilities you love on Current Lists for your Drafts. Is your Rally-Site part of a Community-Hub? When you are ready to publish your drafted List, you have the option to publish is across all or select Rally-Sites or Categories in your Community-Hub at the same time. No more recreating the same list in multiple Community-Hub Rally-Sites!

We are here to make your Rallyhood experience the best it can be. We love to hear your feedback, so if you have comments on these or any Rallyhood features, drop us a note at feedback@rallyhood.com. Rally on!