Acts of Love: The Benefits of a Patient Support Rally

Here at Rallyhood, we believe that supporting our loved ones can make all the difference in the world when they are faced with tough situations. And we’re no strangers to the havoc that illness can bring to our lives. Our founder, Patti Rogers, is a breast cancer survivor who was inspired to create Rallyhood after her community rallied around her and her family during treatment. She realized that supporting someone required a lot of work, and she wanted to find a way to make it easier and less time-consuming for people who want to help their neighbors, family and friends through difficult times.

Here are some great ways Rallyhood makes lending a helping hand to loved ones in need easier:

To-Do List


The To-Do List is great for divvying up tasks and staying organized. It’s very easy to create lists, sign-up for items and assign them to other members of the Rally. This is a great way to organize everyone for things like providing transportation to doctor’s appointments, helping out with the kids’ schedules and delivering dinners during treatments.



The Calendar shows all upcoming events and To-Do items, like doctor’s appointments, dinner schedules and visiting hours. And don’t worry about having to plug all these dates into your personal calendar, because Rallyhood sends email reminders to everyone in the Rally the morning of each event or when their To-Do item is due.



The days of looking for lost email attachments are over! All Rally members can upload or download files, like directions to the house, chemo-friendly recipes to prepare, and information about fundraisers.

Message Wall

At Rallyhood, we want to help minimize stress during difficult times like these. We witness entire communities rallying around people in these situations every day, and we are so grateful and humbled by their displays of love and support. Together we can get through this and make today a little brighter.

For more information about these Rallies, visit our Patient Support page.