• They used Rallyhood to update family on her recovery.
  • They used Rallyhood to organize 235 volunteers.
  • They used Rallyhood to coordinate 35 mission trips.
  • They used Rallyhood to plan their neighborhood potluck.
  • They used Rallyhood to organize 55 sports teams.

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Rally [ral-ee] v.

To bring people together with purpose.

Rally wherever you are.

Rallyhood goes everywhere you go with an app that does everything you need to do. Stop the maddening search of old emails to find the where, when, or how. Access your groups’ calendars, photos, messages, files and more, all from the palm of your hand.

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Rally your business. Rally your life.

Rally Your Organization

Learn how other businesses are using Rallyhood as a unified communication platform to engage and empower their community everyday.

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