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Come Together

A beautifully simple way
to organize your group.

One place for your group

All the tools your group needs to communicate, coordinate, and share.

  • It's FREE!
  • It's EASY!
  • It's PRIVATE!

Click the arrows to learn more.

Shared calendar -
best ever.

  • Add single, multiple, and repeating events
  • Request and view RSVPs
  • Receive notifications and reminders
  • Sync with iCal, Google, and Outlook
  • Dashboard calendar aggregates all groups' events in one place

Everyone knows when and where, without the last minute panic.

Messaging -
easy and organized.

  • Post messages and comments
  • Send urgent messages 
  • Send direct messages to group members
  • Everything is archived in one place for easy reference

No more searching through e-mails or getting caught in reply-all madness.

Shared files -
easy to access from anywhere.

  • A simple way to store documents
  • Create folders to keep things organized
  • Members can upload and download files

No more hunting for lost attachments!

Photo sharing -
so easy it makes
everyone smile.

  • Share photos with your group and build community connection
  • Create albums to keep photos organized
  • Post comments (we suggest things like "you look amazing!")
  • Share special moments

Coming soon - create custom photobooks!

Sign-ups and task-lists -
wildly simple!

  • Create custom sign-up lists to organize your group (volunteer shifts, holiday dinners, parent/teacher conferences or work tasks)
  • Attach files and add location maps
  • Send private messages to volunteers
  • Download reports
  • Archive lists and reopen later to use again

A powerful tool to make your group productive and keep your volunteers sane.

Daily digest, reminders -
seriously awesome!

  • Daily Digest emails summarize activity in a Rally-Site
  • My Reminders is a consolidated list of events from all your Rally-Site calendars and is emailed every morning

Like a personal assistant in your inbox.

Mobile App -
makes it easy to be
in-the-know, on-the-go.

  • View your consolidated calendar
  • Link to maps from event location details
  • Take photos and post from your phone
  • Send and receive urgent messages
  • Post messages and add comments

Have important information with you at the touch of a button.

Rallyhood rocks for any kind of group

Great for groups big and small, serious and fun, short term and life long!

your family

wedding planning

family reunion






fitness groups

fundraising group

animal rescue

church group


new parent


book club

hobby group



boy scouts

girl scouts

client management

team projects

small business

Our users say it all

Meet a few of our users and hear how Rallyhood has impacted their lives.

Cancer Survivor

Brad & Katie
Cheer Station

Tylesia, Laura, & Nancy
Girl Scouts

Small business owner

Volunteer Coach

Team  Manager

What makes us different

Rallyhood’s 360 solution makes it easy for everyone.


Rally-Sites bring all of your group information, calendars, and activities together.

  • Add events to a shared calendar
  • Store and share documents and files
  • Post to a message wall
  • Share photos and information privately
  • Easy sign-ups and RSVPs
  • Collect money


Community-Hubs make organizing calendars and communicating to your subgroups a breeze.

  • Create and organize subgroups
  • Push messages, files, and events to
    select Rally-Sites

  • Embed the community calendar on
    your website
  • Subscribe to calendars with Google,
    iCal, or Outlook

You ('cause really,
it's all about you.)

My Dashboard pulls together your many groups and their calendars in one place.

  • View a merged calendar of all your
    groups' events
  • Add personal events to your calendar
  • Get an e-mail reminder each morning
    listing all of your events and tasks for
    the day
  • Subscribe to calendars with Google, iCal,
    or Outlook

  • Receive automatic reminders and updates
  • Create Rally-Sites for your family or causes that you love
  • Get daily summaries of group activities
    via email

Getting started is easy

1. Click "Start a Rally-Site" and
fill in the basics.

2. Customize your Rally-Site with
info relevant to your group.

request a demo

3. Build a guest list and
invite your people.

1. Click "Start a Community-Hub" and
fill in the basics.

2. Create categories and
add Rally-Sites.

3. Invite your admins and
customize your page.


April 9

Thanks @onesmartpoptart for the sweet article! We have a newer version of our app since your post, download it for free from the app store.

April 8

Nominations for #ATX A-List of the Hottest Startup Awards NOW OPEN! #ATXalister @rallyhood @Skyonic @CivitasLearning

March 18

See our CEO share how our support for @komenaustin provides 300 mammograms for locals during #AmplifyATX this Thurs.

March 18

Excited to share our new features! Managing group communication just got easier. See our new Community News feature:

Your Rallyhood stories

Have a Rallyhood experience to share? We’d love to hear from you, email us at

“Having over 200 volunteers to coordinate, Rallyhood gives us an outlet to communicate succinctly, accurately with this group, while fostering a positive connection along the way. ”

Executive Director, Komen Austin

“Other online groups were clumsy, with incomplete solutions for what we needed. As an organization run by 90% volunteers across the state, the Girl Scouts needs a simple, single place for getting organized. ”

Program Lead for the Girl Scouts of Central Texas

“The free use of this tool and the money we saved utilizing Rallyhood instead of revamping the website along with maintenance and overhead costs has been nothing short of a blessing. All of us love this tool.”

Girl Scout Service Unit Director

“Rallyhood makes it so easy to stay on top of the details! My kids’ class events, sports schedules, due dates and forms are all in one place.”


“Using Rallyhood has changed my life. I’ve been a team manager for four years and, in the past, parents would come up and say, “Where’s the next game?” or “What was the information about that fundraiser?” I would never have the information because it was at home, stored on my computer. Now we pull up Rallyhood and we look it up. Or even better, I tell the parents, “You look it up, it’s on Rallyhood.” ”

Soccer Team Manager

“As PSA president, I lovvvvve this tool. Rallyhood has made the job of the Room Parent a thousand time easier. It’s been such a relief to be able to have one place to organize sign-ups for volunteer activities and parent teacher conferences, share newsletters and forms, calendars, and photos from parties or field trips.”

PSA President

“To have the Rallyhood site, to be able to put out there, “These are when I need meals,” and somebody could just sign up, was huge. It took the burden off me, it took the burden off them, so it was a win/win for everybody. Rallyhood was really a site where friends got to do something for me. It took me a little while to realize that people want to do something, people want to help you. It tremendously helped me and my family.”

Cancer Survivor

“Rallyhood was therapeutic for all of her friends, because we would regularly get stopped, running our errands or at a social event, and people would say, “I read what Lisa posted on Rallyhood. You know it sounds like she’s doing good,” or “What can I do to help her,” so I think it was therapeutic for the people who wanted to be involved, or wanted to know, wanted to help as well.”

Fab Four, survivor supporter

“Rallyhood is really great. It helps clear your mind, keep you organized and just makes you hum better.”

Girl Scout troop leader

“I love that everything is hosted in one place. When parents need information I can direct them to our Rally-Site and it’s all there for them.”

Girl Scout troop leader